Hugo: Markdown rendering inside nested shortcodes

Hugo is a static site generator from markdown, which I use for this blog and project site. Hugo has a template mechanism, Shortcodes, which allows users to use complicated HTML.

Embed reveal.js slide into Hugo site

By utilizing custom shortcodes, we can embed pages including reveal.js slides into Hugo-powered site. First, create custom shortcodes at layouts/shortcodes/SlideInclusion.html <iframe src="{{.Get 0}}" width="1000" height="600" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allow="geolocation *; microphone

Custom CSS for Hugo with Academic

Since Academic theme capitalize project name (e.g. cpprb to CPPRB) by CSS text-transform: uppercase, I would like to use custom CSS to overwrite it. According to official document, Academic recommends

GitLab CI を利用して、 だけから Hugo 静的サイト

今までは、 Emacs Org-mode で書いた文章を手動でエクスポートしていた。 gi